I love this diet
I love this diet
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Incredibly Easy Instructions!

Start losing weight in just 10 minutes. It’s that simple.

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Meal Reviews

Lean Cuisine®, Healthy Choice® and Smart Ones® offer over 250 tasty options so your taste buds will never be bored! Each of the meals is rated by taste and how well it will fill you up.

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breakfast guide

What’s for Breakfast?

Muffins, cereals, pancakes, breakfast parfaits and 22 more mouthwatering ways to start your day!

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The Salad Guide

Fun, exciting salad recipes, crunchy add-in’s and the best ways to spice up old favorites fill the pages of this fresh guide to getting the most out of your greens. Mix ‘em, match ‘em, have fun with salad!

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Soup Anyone?

Progresso and Healthy Choice offer more than 40 low calorie soups which you may combine with a salad as an alternate to a frozen meal whenever you choose.

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The Treats Guide

Which are the best tasting, most filling 100 calorie treats? Get the answers here!

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Feel Like Cooking Tonight?

Here are some scrumptious, under 350 calorie recipes that you can swap for a frozen meal when you feel like putting on your chef’s hat.

Daily Food Page

Write down what you plan to eat today, or just fill it out as the day progresses. It will help you stay on your plan. Also, it’s a great way to keep track of which frozen entrees you truly love, and which you’ll want to avoid buying in the future.

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Dining Out?

Swap one of your frozen meals for any of these surprisingly low calorie options from America’s favorite restaurants.

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